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The Benefits of Hosted VoIP

Many small businesses are rethinking their communications strategy after the quick shift to remote work that came with COVID-19. Moving your phone system to the cloud helps your team stay[...]

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Clients Respond to WorkSmart Leadership Survey

On May 14th, WorkSmart polled the leaders of their small business clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region to get their insights on the effects of COVID-19 on their business.

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Biggest Small Businesses Cybersecurity Risks + How to Solve Them

Technology helps small businesses thrive but also exposes you to significant security risks. As more data moves to the cloud and the number of devices accessing your systems grows, hackers will[...]

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Remote Work Tips: Productivity While Working from Home

Stay at home and be productive! That's the goal for so many of us right now. For those of us still adjusting to working from home, we have good news! There are lots of easy ways to stay connected[...]

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Teleconferencing - Microsoft Teams vs Zoom

If your new normal is remote, you’re looking to teleconferencing to help keep your team connected. As long as you have an internet connection, your team can leverage chat and video tools to[...]

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A Guide to Managed Firewall Pricing

If you’re shopping for managed IT services, you’ve likely heard about managed firewalls. As the frontline of defense in protecting your network, your future IT partner wants to ensure you have a [...]

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Wired vs Wireless Internet: Why you should use a cable.

The recent shift to remote work stresses how much your team relies on reliable and secure internet. You need consistently performing internet connectivity to stay productive. Whether you're home[...]

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3 Helpful Tips for Planning Your Move to the Cloud

With Office 365 and GSuite, many small businesses have already made their first move to the cloud (internet-accessed technology). While some companies are hosted entirely in the cloud, a common[...]

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WorkSmart Wins 2020 CAI Ovation Award for HR Excellence

CAI’s annual Ovation Awards celebrate leaders in innovative HR initiatives across companies based in North Carolina. WorkSmart is proud to be among the winners for 2020!

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Cybersecurity Threat Alert: Coronavirus Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks take advantage of people by posing as a trusted source. Not surprisingly, cybercriminals are using concerns about coronavirus to attack businesses. Unfortunately, they’re using[...]

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