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Mike Anderson – Sr. Business Advisor

WorkSmart seeks to build an enduring organization that helps our people and clients reach their full potential. With colleagues like Mike, we accomplish this mission.

Mike’s deep experience in IT and in building relationships has enabled him to hit the ground running, leading to a very successful first year with WorkSmart in 2014. Mike has matched businesses throughout the Triangle and Triad with WorkSmart’s proactive IT services approach, setting them up for new levels of success, as well.

Colleagues and clients alike describe Mike as “trust-worthy and easy to work with,” noting that his “professionalism” and “timely communication” are just how he conducts business.

According to Bob Casey, Mike’s colleague and Fuquay-Varina neighbor, he is also tough competitor at friendly card games on the weekends. Mike is also known as a family man with a love for the outdoors.

In order for you to get to know him better, we asked Mike a few questions. Here are his answers:

Hometown: Asheville, NC
Favorite Kool-Aid Flavor: Tropical Punch all the way!
Favorite Beverage: Copperline Amber Ale (Carolina Brewery)
Would you change your name? You bet I would! If so, to what? Steve (Everyone likes Steve!)
Favorite Hobby: Riding Motorcycles
Sneakers or flip flops? Hiking boots – How can that not be an option?
If you could be any animal, what would you be? My cat (She has it made!)
Favorite day of the week: Saturday – yard work and sports (and the Ale)
Do you have or wish you had a catch phrase? “If you’re waitin on me, you’re wasting time”
What is the color of your car? I don’t drive a car – it's a Black F150 truck
Do you play any musical instruments? Guitar & Bass
Can you sing? Like an Angel (So I’ve been told)
One place you could travel to right now: Caribbean
At the beach, sand or water? Sand for sure
What is something you learned in the last few weeks? That being the only male in my house is still very difficult. I’m definitely out gunned.
When you have 30 minutes of free-time, what is your favorite way to spend it? Outside
If you could choose anyone, who would you select as your mentor? My father. Oh, already chose him.
If you could learn to do anything, what would it be? Build a spacecraft and explore the Universe.
Words of Wisdom (or quote you like): "In life, there are problems & aggravations. There’s a BIG difference."

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