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Prepare for Your New Hire (Our Free IT Checklist]

Prepare for Your New Hire

Prepare for your new hire to make a great first impression. This requires a well-defined onboarding process and having the right tools ready to go so they feel valued! Afterall, 1/3 of new hires quit within the first six months.

Make sure your new hire's technology is ready.

Before they arrive for their first day, work with  IT to get their computer and to create (and test!) important accounts. By having it all set up, you welcome them with a complete workspace!

It's helpful to review the systems with them, too. After all, they want the info to be successful. Do it in-person because personal connections matter, and make sure they know how to get IT support.

Click here to download our New Hire IT Checklist to help you prepare for your next hire.

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