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Marissa Explains It All: Why you need a backup for files in the cloud?

Ever wondered why you would need a backup even if you're storing your files in the cloud? We are here to fill you in!

Check out the answer in less than 60 seconds on this short episode of [...]

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Best Practices & Helpful Tips for Backup Planning

No one likes to think about losing data, but it happens. That’s why planning a backup strategy that fits your company's needs is so important. 

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The Basics of Small Business Backups [tips + upcoming event]

Protecting against data loss and unexpected downtime relies on a complete backup plan. So, how can you make sure what you need is available when you need it?

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Most common IT challenges in Small Business

It’s annual planning season! Review IT’s role in your business to help you work smarter towards next year’s goals. Since business technology evolves rapidly, it's essential to prepare for the future.[...]

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4 Keys to Reliable Data Backups

Employee delete a folder of client data? Ransomware encrypt all your files? Data loss happens. Your backup solution should ensure that your data is safe and recoverable. Reliable data backups save[...]

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Time to check the backups

It's January, and like every month of the year we're thinking about cybersecurity and ways to make sure all our clients are protected as security threats evolve. Before you do anything else this[...]

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Lose something? That's why you have a backup.

Data Backup and Recovery is an important topic because, well, people lose things. Humans delete files by accident. Servers fail. Storms damage offices. All we can do is create a plan to recover[...]

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Don't spring clean your data yet (check your backups)

April is all about spring cleaning. It’s the time of year when we want to clear out clutter and make room for new ideas and fresh starts. That includes deleting old folders or files you don’t need[...]

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How to avoid your own Delta IT disaster

Earlier this year, thousands of Delta passengers worldwide were grounded due to a power outage that halted critical IT operations. This was a huge problem not only for the many delayed travelers, but[...]

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How business continuity plans can fail

Your managed IT service provider, who you have tasked with looking after your company’s tech, has kept your business up and running for the past 10 years. Unfortunately, that can lead to some[...]

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