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Time to check the backups

It's January, and like every month of the year we're thinking about cybersecurity and ways to make sure all our clients are protected as security threats evolve. Before you do anything else this year, we want to remind you that it's time to check the backups.

If you have DataVault through WorkSmart, you know that we're monitoring your backups. But if you use another backup device and are unsure if those backups are are being monitored, check in with us. Taking the time to check your backup system now can turn a data loss situation from a catastrophe to an inconvenience. We're not just talking about a backup device failure—a ransomware attack on data that's not properly backed up offers few options to avoid paying the ransom. We don't want that, so be sure your backups are being monitored and working as they should.

Back up and recovery options from WorkSmart

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